One World One Way

One Way Many Paths



Uniting our Wonderful World while admiring its diverse
beliefs and values wisdom cultures humor wonders




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One Way Many Paths

One World

Cultural Intelligence

Life  >>  Life Design

The Wheel of Life

Fate    Virtue    Balance

Life Symphony

Paradoxical Rules of Life

Reciprocity Laws

As I began to love myself

Kids' Little Instructions on Life


Your Love Symphony    Love All People

Happiness  >> Two-Way Road

Learning    Wisdom  >>  Enlightenment

Great Thinker 360

Wise Listening    Holistic Thinking

Success  ▪  Failure

Achievement    Winner

Empower Yourself To Change the World

People Skills    Peace

Leadership  >>  Leadership Success 360

Business  ▪  Innovation

Proverbs  ▪  Quotes  >>  ShowBiz


Joke of the Century    UN Survey

Monkey Business    Cow Business

Yin and Yang    The Golden Rule

Humanity    Children write to God

World Intelligence (WI)    Glossary

The Laws of the Universe


Strive to Make the World Better

Global Citizen    Spiritual Pangea

Planet of Loving Creators


3 Essentials  |  10 Commandments

World #1 Peace Platform

Innompic Peace Prize  World's #1

Golden Rule   Peace Ambassadors

Terrorism  NATO

RU Gita 2022  Africa  |  Britain


Alley of Angels  Story

World Intelligence News

Humorous News    Degenderisation

Future World: Predictions

Future of Russia, Ukraine, EU, USA

Sustainable Development

Towards UN SDG    World Unity     

Cross-Cultural Unity

Systems Thinking vs. English Thinking

Asia: Rapid Growth Insights

East vs. West

Pearls of Wisdom: East vs. West

Confucius on Virtue    KoRe Tao-style quotes

Taoist Proverbs    Taoist Parables

Bhagavad-Gita Quotes    Indian Proverbs

Chinese Proverbs    American Indian Proverbs

Islamic Wisdom Quotes    Zen Parables

Russian Proverbs    Wisdom Quotes  ▪ Humor

Cultural Differences

BRICS vs. G7  >>  China's Advantage

Different Ways of Making a Difference

World War II   World War III

Peace Prizes: True and False

Enneagram Analysis of Some World Cultures

Chinese vs. Americans    Russians

The Great Yasa of Genghis Khan

U.S. vs. Japanese Firms

Managing Diversity


We Are the Same    Brotherhood

12 Tips for Global Business Travelers












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