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Prediction 2025

Harmonious Development

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Prediction 2025

Harmonious Development




Innompic Planet of Loving Creators being a civilizatonal breakthrough engages 1 billion people and becomes the World's #1 driver of harmonious mega-innovation, the most admired tend setter and booster of noble innopreneurship, the most impactful human resource development platform and sustainable development ecosystem.






By 2030, social networks and social media marketing (SMM) will move to the next curve of the virtuous spiral of their development. Social media addiction and rootless passion for low-value photos and stories will wade by 2030. From 'Hei, that's me' curve blogging will move to the next 'Hei, that's you' curve.

People will learn to see the difference between sincere loving creators and selfish pretenders easily.

Higher-level bloggers will focus on creating an outstanding high value for their readers and help them grow personally and/or professionally...

Read 'Social Media Forecast 2030' by Mister Innovation World award winner → here







World population will become more human again because the pandemic-like addiction to social media will be reduced to isolated cases, while social networks will refocus on helping people grow.

Olympic Games

'Transgender-free Olympic Games' movement will win the war and thus save Olympic Games from decay.

International Politics

International politics will become healthier and more peaceful because psychotherapist will discover how to cure addiction to sanctions, thus the role of sanction-addict politicians to international relationships will be reduced dramatically.








Population decreased by 52% compared to 2020.

NATO army exercises are focused primarily on conducting LGBT parades.


The few virtuous families who escaped from devastating city fires united and started building a LGBT-free city.