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Systems Thinking vs. English Thinking

Why English-thinking countries became less competitive today




Confucius wisdom quotes

If language is not correct,...
then what must be done remains undone.



Why is BRICS growing much faster than G7 today?

Why is China's economy grows much faster than U.S. economy today?




It may come as a surprise to many, but it's English language that is to be blamed for the economic slowdown of English thinking cultures today.


"China-Russia cooperation is broader than what US-led West can envision," says Global Times editorial. Linear-thinking prevents English-thinkers from envisioning it.




Rabindranath Tagore quotes Indian wisdom Nobel Prize winners

The mind, sharp but not broad, sticks at every point but does not move.



China vs. USA compdetitive advantage holistic intelligence  

The IT revolution made all economic structures and business systems more complex.

Innovation that used to be linear became systemic.

Everything is inter-connected now.

Understanding and creating modern complex business and economic structures requires systems thinking.




English language is linear. The standard order of words in a sentence is strict: subject + verb + object.

Those who think in a linear language, like English, with strict word order in a sentence are stronger in analytical thinking and organizing linear input-output processes, but weaker in systems thinking, unfortunately.




Just compare these two writings

systems thinking


Isn't it clear that Chinese language makes systems thinking easier to master?


Systems Thinker Yin and Yang business applications


GDP China vs USA


Vadim Kotelnikov

Holistic Intelligence is in growing demand. It is a source of sustainable competitive advantage and the key to economic and business success 360 in today's era of increasingly complex business systems and systemic innovation.

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