Dalai Lama wisdom quotes

We Are the Same


Dalai Lama
the XIV



I always believe we are the same;
we are all human beings.


One World, One Way

United Nationals




Of course, there are many differences in cultural background or way of life, there may be differences in our faith, or we may be of a different color, but we are human beings, consisting of the human body and the human mind.

  East vs. West The Wheel of Life differences



Our physical structure is the same, and our mind, and our emotional nature are also the same.

Wherever I meet people, I always have the feeling that I am encountering another human being, just like myself. I find it is much easier to communicate with others on that level.


Human-to-Human Relationships


East vs. West

The Wheel of Life



Dalai Lama wisdom quotes

The need for simple human-to-human relationships is becoming increasingly urgent.

Dalai Lama
the XiV



If we emphasize specific characteristics, like I am Tibetan or I am Buddhist, then there are differences. But those things are secondary. If we can leave the differences aside, I think we can easily communicate, exchange ideas, and share experiences...

Internal peace is an essential first step to achieving peace in the world.




How do you cultivate internal peace? It's very simple. In the first place by realizing clearly that all mankind is one, that human beings in every country are members of one and the same family.


Spiritual Growth and Facing Reality Unafraid


Dalai Lama wisdom quotes

If there is love, there is hope to have real families, real brotherhood, real equanimity, real peace.

Dalai Lama
the XiV