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Military Strength Ranking

 Global Firepower ranked U.S. army as the global #1. This sounds like a joke given the U.S. army lost the both major wars it launched against least developed countries Vietnam (#19), 1965-1975, and Afghanistan (#114), 2001-2021.

  World Strongest Army


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Gender-free Society

Cambridge Dictionary changed it's definition of woman to include "an adult who lives and identifies as female though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth". This gives males a moral right to enter ladies' rooms and combat with females in sports... More




"The Joke of the Century"

  this is how the official representative of the China Foreign Ministry called the statement by the General Secretary of NATO who said that NATO was a defense-focused organization... More

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Weight-Losing Goals

Humorous News

'Highly Likely' is new 'Bullshit'

Mars Attacks Again!

Stupid Reasoning for Sanctions

Medicine for Sanction-addict Politicians


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