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The Hymn of Russian Innovators

I Have a Difference To Make!


Alexander Pushkin quotes, Love Ambassador

The illusion which exalts us
is dearer to us
than a host of low truths.


One can live magnificently in this world
if one knows
how to work and
how to love.


The formula '2+2=5'
is not without its attractions.


I've been smart enough
to have lived my life stupidly.



Wonderful Russia

Wisdom Quotes


Russian Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Hymn of Russian Innovators

Russian Proverbs

A spoonful of tar spoils a barrel of honey.

An old friend is better than two new ones.

Clever person likes to learn, and the fool to teach.

Courage takes cities.

Everything genius is simple.

If only the youth would know, if the old age would be able to... More