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Bhagavad Gita (The Song of God) helps discover
the truth about the Russia-Ukraine war 2022



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Even a little effort toward spiritual awareness will protect you from the greatest fear.

Lord Krishna


Bhagavad Gita RU Gita 2022

Kurukshetra war

UkRu-kshetra war



The Truth about the Ukraine-Russia war 2022 (UkRu-kshetra war) is best understood by those who have read Bhagavad Gita – because UkRu-kshetra war is a re-incarnation of the Kurukshetra war.

Below are some parallels between these two wars.



Bhagavad Gita RU Gita 2022

What makes Lord Krishna angry?

Krishna became angry with the serpent Kaliya for poisoning the waters of the Yamuna and causing the death of His dear friends.

Krishna became angry in His form of Lord Narsimhadeva and killed Hiranyakashipu who was torturing his own son, Prahlada, whose only fault was that he was a pure devotee of God.

Nationalistic Ukranian government in their genocide-like move blocked supply of fresh water from Dnepr river to Crimea to make 2.2 millions people there suffer. 30 Pentagon-funded laboratories in Ukraine were developing biological weapons.

Ukrainian neo-nazi troops killed over 14,000 Russian people in Donbass (Eastern Ukraine) just because those wanted more freedom – in particular, they wanted to speak their native language.



"Ukraine does its best to kill as many Russians as possible."

~ Peter Vrublevsky, Ambassador of Ukraine to Kazakhstan




Terrorist attacks
by Ukrainian extremists and army


Eastern Ukraine

Year: 2014-2021

Genocide in Ukraine - terrorist attacks by Unkranian nationalists civilian killed Ukraine civil war civilians killed


The Alley of Angels
in Donetsk city

Over 500 children were killed in Eastern Ukraine during 2014-2021 by Western Ukrainian nazis equipped and trained by NATO countries.

The Alley of Angels - memorial statue for children killed in Ukraine, Donetsk brother and sister

The Alley of Angels - memorial for children killed in Ukraine, Donetsk


Lord Krishna quotes

If you will not fight this righteous war, then you will fail in your duty, lose your reputation, and incur sin.

Lord Krishna


Bhagavad Gita RU Gita 2022

Did Krishna tried to stop the war?

Krishna went to kuru court as a peace maker. He advised Duryodhan that war was disastrous and he should return Pandavas empire back to them. Duryodhan refused.

What does Gita say about war?

The Gita neither sanctions war nor condemns it.

Russia called for several UN Security Council meetings over genocide-like massacres in the Eastern Ukraine (Donbas, Lugansk) in order to stop them.

Eastern Ukrainian regions complained about  6,000+ genocide-like murder cases to the international Europe-based court.

All these calls for peace were blocked or ignored by U.S. politicians and their puppets.


Russia-Ukraine War 2022 role of USA, UK and EU

Why does Krishna justify a war?

Krishna's argument for war is an argument against hoarding of wealth by the in-group at the cost of the out-group. When humans do not share, war is dharma.

2022 Parallels

"The aggressors behind the scenes are America and Western Europe, the stick is Ukraine and the victim is Russia... The war is not about Putin etc. It is a war of Globalism versus Nationalism. If Putin succeeds, this will be the end of the Globalist's world domination project."

~ Gurvinder Singh, Audacity of Awakening, India



Pope Francis, Vatican on Russia NATO Ukraine war NATO barking at Russia's door provoked Russia's anger.  

"NATO barking at Russia's door provoked Russia's anger.”

~ Pope Francis, Vatican



Bhagavad Gita RU Gita 2022

Why did Lord Krishna support Pandavas?

Pandavas were the better of the lot. They were righteous. This was actually Lord Krishna devising a plan to rid the world of its unnecessary burden.

Russia Approach vs. U.S. Approach

Russia approach: "Russia will win both the war and the peace in Ukraine... The Russian forces are not attacking but tip toeing into Ukraine, because they want to take the country as intact as possible."

U.S. approach: "Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, the American led West follows Winston Churchill's model of total devastation of a region, by air, sea and land, before the ground forces enter their target zone. In spite of overpowering military superiority and glib media presentations Americans may have won battles but rarely have it won any wars. America has often had to withdraw in disgrace, sometimes even flee. This is because they also fail to win peace, meaning the goodwill and respect of the people for whom they have supposedly declared war on a country. Is it any wonder that Americans are disliked even intensely hated by almost every country they have intervened in after World War II."

~ Gurvinder Singh, Guru Wonder - Audacity of Awakening, India


Lord Krishna quotes

Better indeed is knowledge than mechanical practice. Better than knowledge is meditation. But better still is surrender of attachment to results, because there follows immediate peace.

Lord Krishna


Bhagavad Gita RU Gita 2022

Who is Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita?

Arjuna is the central figure of the Gita. He is Krishna's disciple, and asks for the deity for help when he has to fight his own family in order to take command of a kingdom that is rightfully his brother Yudhishthira's. He is one of the five Pandava brothers, and next in line to take over Hastinapura.

In his artcile on ”On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians“ Vladimir Putin emphasized that the wall that had emerged in recent years between Russia and Ukraine, between the parts of what was essentially the same historical and spiritual space, was a great common misfortune and tragedy.


Bhagavad Gita RU Gita 2022

Why did Krishna choose Arjuna for Gita?

Arjuna was the one who needed instruction. That was why Krishna gave him advice through the Gita. Arjuna fell at Krishna's feet and wanted Krishna to clear his doubts...  Because Arjuna fell at His feet, Krishna taught him this most secret sastra.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the decision to launch a military operation in Ukraine was "difficult".


Leo Tolstoy quotes

You can love a person dear to you with a human love, but an enemy can only be loved with divine love.

Leo Tolstoy



In Russian, the word 'Мир' (Mir) means
both 'Peace' and 'World'



Bhagavad Gita RU Gita 2022

Why does Arjuna hesitate to fight?

Arjuna does not want to fight because his so-called enemies of battle are his kin – his cousins, teachers, friends; Facing his kin on the battlefield, Arjuna becomes deeply troubled by the idea of killing them. Arjuna, not wanting to kill his kin in battle, attempts to efface the issue at hand.

Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to persuade heads of USA, Britain and major EU countries to stop encouraging genocide by neo-nazis in the Eastern Ukraine for 8 years. He tried to resolve the conflict peacefully until the President of Ukraine declared that his country was going to start producing atomic bombs.


Bhagavad Gita quotes

If you will not fight this righteous war, then you will fail in your duty, lose your reputation, and incur sin.

Bhagavad Gita


Bhagavad Gita RU Gita 2022

What is Arjuna's challenge and what does Krishna ultimately advise him to do?

"But, I am sure an enlightened person could convince them into his path of non-violence," says Arjuna.

Krishna argues that Arjuna must do his duty. He insist that Arjuna's duty to fight, without caring for its consequences. He tells that it is a just cause, and as a warrior and a general on whom his side must rely.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia was trying to resolve the conflict in Ukraine in a peaceful way and that it was necessary to let Russian people in Donbas to speak their native language and live in their own way, but Ukraine organized a blockade.

Finally. Putin orders start of ‘military operation’ in Ukraine to stop genocide there and de-nazify the fascist-ruled country.


Bhagavad Gita RU Gita 2022

How did Arjuna describe the evils of war?

Eternal family traditions and codes of moral conduct are destroyed with the destruction of the family. And immorality prevails in the family due to the destruction of family traditions.

"The Russians send out probing patrols, and draw out Ukrainian soldiers. The Russian forces then quickly withdraw systematically mapping location of defences, equipment etc. This approach to urban warfare is designed to cause minimum of collateral damage as possible and to minimise civilian casualties."

~ Gurvinder Singh, Guru Wonder - Audacity of Awakening, India


Lord Krishna quotes

To conquer is to renounce. Life is itself religion.

Lord Krishna


Bhagavad Gita RU Gita 2022

How does Lord Krishna solve Arjuna's dilemma?

In the Bhagavad-Gita Arjuna is forced to face the dilemma of war, resolve right and wrong, and set aside his own desires to fulfill his Dharma.

Krishna responds by teaching Arjuna how to see, not from his own particular point of view, but from the point of view of “Time,” in which everyone is born and lives and finally passes away.

"One cannot look at what is happening there without compassion. It is simply not possible to stand all this any more. It is necessary to immediately stop this nightmare – the genocide against the millions of people living there, who rely only on Russia, only on us. These aspirations, feelings, pain of people are the main motivation for us to take the decision to recognise the people’s republics of Donbas.".

~ Vladimir Putin, President of Russia



Bhagavad Gita RU Gita 2022

Why Krishna fight with Arjuna?

Lord Krishna reasons with Arjuna.

One reason a person could refuse to fight would be the fear of defeat. But Arjuna is a great warrior, and defeat is unlikely in his case.

Another reason would be the unwillingness to take another person's life.

"The Russian authorities have every intent of winning over the Ukrainian armed forces intact, to prevent the kind of chaos the Americans unleashed after the destruction and disbanding Iraqi soldiers and officers. This is why Russia is taking greater casualties of soldiers and equipment than they would have otherwise in an American style warfare".

~ Gurvinder Singh, Guru Wonder - Audacity of Awakening, India


Bhagavad Gita RU Gita 2022

What did Krishna teaches Arjuna to become in Gita?

Krishna counsels Arjuna to "fulfill his Kshatriya (warrior) duty to uphold the Dharma" through "selfless action".

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he knew that U.S. politicians and their puppets in other countries would impose new sanctions on Russia and him personally, but he could not tolerate genocide against Russians in the Eastern Ukraine any longer. “The situation requires us to take decisive and immediate action. The people’s republics of Donbas turned to Russia with a request for help," he said.


Lord Krishna quotes

Action is greater than inaction... Even the life of the body could not be if there were no action.

Lord Krishna


Bhagavad Gita RU Gita 2022

What is Lord Krishna's advice to Arjuna?

Krishna advices Arjuna that he most follow his own dharma or path to attain fulfillment: “It is better to strive in one's own dharma than to succeed in the dharma of another. Nothing is ever lost in following one's own dharma, but competition in another's dharma breeds fear and insecurity.”

"The leading NATO countries, in order to achieve their own goals, support extreme nationalists and Neo-Nazis in Ukraine... For the United States and its allies, this is the so-called policy of containment of Russia to get geopolitical benefits. And for our country, this is ultimately a matter of life and death. This is a real threat not just to our interests, but to the very existence of our state. This is the very red line that has been talked about many times. They crossed it."

~ Vladimir Putin, President of Russia



Bhagavad Gita RU Gita 2022

What outcome does Arjuna fear?

In the story of the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna is afraid to murder his family because he doesn't want it to come back and bite him. In other words, he's afraid of the consequences of such an action.

To nullify his concerns, Krishna tells him it is his duty to restore peace at any cost.

"Russia will win both the war and the peace in Ukraine."

~ Gurvinder Singh, Guru Wonder - Audacity of Awakening, India


Bhagavad Gita RU Gita 2022

How does Krishna push Arjuna's to destroy the enemy?

Krishna tells Arjuna to arise with a brave heart and push forward to destroy the enemy.

When Arjuna questions how he can support such sin, Krishna says there is no such thing as the killer and the killed, that the body is merely flesh – and that at the time of death he (Atman) attains another body.

"Both current American and European leadership hate Putin, for he refuses to submit himself nor Russia to their ideas and plans. Putin is one of the great obstacles standing between them and their globalist agenda."

~ Gurvinder Singh, Guru Wonder - Audacity of Awakening, India

"We will go to heaven as martyrs, and they will just drop dead."

~ Vladimir Putin, President of Russia


Bhagavad Gita quotes

If you want to see the brave, look to those who can return love for hatred. If you wan to see heroic, look to those who can forgive.

Bhagavad Gita




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Denazification of Ukraine

Eastern Ukraine (Donbas, Lugansk) was liberated from nazi by Easter Ukrainian and Russian armies in May 2022




Citizens of Donbas celebrate their liberation from nazi

Russia-Ukaine war victory celebration Donbas May 2022

Russia-Ukaine war victory celebration Mariupol May 2022




Lord Krishna quotes

The only way you can conquer me is through love, and there I am gladly conquered.

Lord Krishna


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