One World One Way


Our Common Goal Brotherhood


Arindam Dutta

Indian businessman, the author of  An Entrepreneur's Journey

Chairman, Group of Companies specializing in Innovation, Incubation, Healthcare

Goodwill Ambassador of  the Innompic Web Games


‘One world’ is the primary need for the survival of the human race.

The concept of ‘One World One Way Many Paths’ has been the ethos of human civilization for centuries. Philosophers and Religious texts have propagated such a belief. The global society is on the horns of a dilemma; why is the world riddled with major conflicts?

Look around you. Some of us try to insulate ourselves from issues that have created unrest in another country or continent. It helps for a period of time. Can we with certainty define the time period before the same unrest engulfs our community?

Let us not forget that all of us living on this planet share common resources. Such resources are critical to the existence of mankind. Where is the question of demarcating physical boundaries? Will such boundaries help is creating a differential global warming?


Fossil fuel today is in the fore. The focus of the geo political strategy is energy. In the next decade it would be drinking water, shrinking land mass owing to global warming and the rise of ocean levels. During a recent visit to a major oil producing country I found that fuel was far cheaper than potable water. Are the dynamics clearly pointing out the causes for major sustained global conflicts in future?

The nature of financial scams that have sprouted in most countries clearly points at the rising levels of human GREED. "Do to no one what you yourself dislike." ~ Tobit 4:15. Every religion in the planet preaches this dictum.

What is the ‘Many paths’ we are trying to identify? Is it the semantics of worship? Is it the mannerisms of individuals? Whatever one may say or do, the path leads to a common goal – brotherhood. Everything else is minor in comparison.

One world’ is a philosophy of Life. ‘One world’ is the primary need for the survival of the human race.