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Global Citizen





Global citizens are people who have a global mindset, understand the world at large, and their all-important role in it.





They are big citizens of the small world who take care of it. They take an active role in various global projects and work both individually and with others to make our planet more harmonious, sustainable, and peaceful.

  Global Citizen


Vadim Kotelnikov

Being a global citizen is first and foremost a self-imposed responsibility to take care of the world and bring more harmony into it.

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De Facto Global Citizens and
De Jure Global Citizens

De facto describes practices that exist in reality whether or not they are officially recognized by laws or other formal norms. De facto global citizens are true global citizens. De jure citizens of the world are all professional of the United Nations system.




"It is no longer country vs. country or city vs. city. Ideas, instead of countries. Those who have ideas that gain traction will be able to put up a virtual flag and engage a platform of participants that transcend geography and political affiliation. Affinity in ideology is what creates momentum in this new space."

~ Jennifer Sertl



Dalai Lama wisdom quotes

I always believe we are the same;
we are all human beings.

Dalai Lama
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Example of a Global Community of True Global Citizens





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united innovators and help them grow as global citizens and loving creators.

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Vadim Kotelnikov

The Loving Creator created us in his own likeness. We are all mighty loving creators and global citizens by birth.

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