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Laughter is a master key to success. It helps you spread joy, connect with people, remove tensions, learn joyfully, heal diseases, and conquer adversaries. Vadim Kotelnikov quotes


Social Network jokes, humorous quotes: Social network revolution: Old mantra: Love to be loved. New mantra: 'Like' to be 'Liked' Vadim Kotelnikov


Vadim Kotelnikov

Nothing costs you less
and is valued more than
your "Like" 



Humorous drawing: World Globe Earth is Punished by the God


Brazilian Carnival in a Russian Sauna



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"A Car as Collateral"

A Russian businessman walks into a Swiss bank in Geneva and asks for a $100 loan. He offers his luxury Mercedes car as collateral. The collateral is too good, and the bank manager approves the loan.

A year later, the Russian comes back. He repays the loan and the 10% interest and is ready to collect his car. Finally, the puzzled bank manager dares to ask him: "Excuse me, sir, could you tell me: did you really need that $100 so badly? In order to get the money, you left your luxury car with us for a whole year!"

The Russian replied, "That's simple just think outside the box: where else in Geneva can I find such a great parking place for just $10 a year?"



Humorous Quotes

Faina Ranevskaya quotes

Doctors are powerless if a patient
wants to live.


Faina Ranevskaya quotes

Condoms are white
because a white dress make you
look fatter.


Kozma Prutkov humorous quotes

Even an idiot becomes smarter when he
falls in love.


Kozma Prutkov humorous quotes

Learn during all your life.
And then you will have a right to say
that you know nothing.


Vadim Kotelnikov

If you don't pay attention to problems
they'll take offence and leave.


Vadim Kotelnikov

Everyone can change the World.
Fortunately, most people
don't believe they can.


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