Truth and Lies about Russia-Ukraine War 2022


The Alley of Angels

Over 500 children killed by Western-Ukrainian nazis


RU Gita 2022

Truth Bombs



The Alley of Angels
in Donetsk city

Over 500 children were killed in Eastern Ukraine during 2014-2021 by Western Ukrainian nazis.

The Alley of Angels - memorial statue for children killed in Ukraine, Donetsk brother and sister

The Alley of Angels - memorial for children killed in Ukraine, Donetsk


Jesus  quotes

Father, forgive them,
for they do not know what they are doing.




World War III nazi tank

The song
"Let's Rise"

authored by Shaman

is dedicated to the soldiers who lost their lives protecting children from being killed by the nazi









Who supported killings of these children?

All those spiritually-devolutionized beings who launched  Cold War II against Russia when it started anti-nazi operation in Ukraine in 2022 – and especially 'Collective Hitler' who sent more weapons to Ukrainian nazi so they could kill more civilians in Eastern Ukraine.




Terrorisic Act example Crimea Bridge explosion

'Estonia certainly welcomes this and congratulates the Ukrainian special forces that are probably behind this operation."

~ Urmas Reinsalu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia on terroristic act at the Crimea bridge that killed several civilians




Ukraine ceased to be democratic in 2014 as a result of the neo-Nazi coup. The European media “cover” the situation in the Donbass.”

~ Giorgio Bianchi, journalist, Italy




The forces of evil have been actively decomposing Ukrainians for the last 30 years.”

~ Asian clairvoyant




“Russia's antiterrorist operation in Ukraine is
a war of Christians and Muslims against Satanism.”

~ Ramzan Kadyrov, Head of Chechnya Republic




"It's the West who provoked the war between Russia and Ukraine."

~ Recep Erdogan, President of Turkey




"We need the United States to sit down at the negotiating table to advance the peace process in Ukraine."

~ Emmanuel Macron, President of France




During 2014-2021,
Western Ukrainian neo-nazis

murdered 14,000 civilians
– including 500+ kids –
in the Eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine neo-nazis swastika


In 2014, Western-Ukrainian neo-nazis burned – alive! – 40 anti-nazi activists in Odessa city in Southern Ukraine.





Someone had to stop the Western-Ukrainian nazis



Lord Krishna quotes

If you will not fight this righteous war, then you will fail in your duty, lose your reputation, and incur sin.

Lord Krishna


Russia-Ukraine War 2022 role of USA, UK and EU

RU Gita 2022

Russian president Putin had to send troops to Ukraine in order to stop genocide and terrorism by nazis there.

Information Terrorism

'Collective Goebbels' against Russia

NATO countries stood noisily for the Ukrainian nationalistic government.

They had nurtured nazi in Ukraine just to provoke Russia so they could launch an information terrorism campaign against Russia.





Rare Truth Bombs by U.S. journalists


"We are being lied about Ukraine on an epic scale! These are not like new neo-nazi groups that sprung up. These are the actual nazis from the second World War."

~ Lara Logan, a famous American journalist who has been reporting on wars for 35 years, on the TV channel "Real America's Voice"




Rare Truth Bombs by European journalists


“Ukraine ceased to be democratic in 2014 as a result of the neo-Nazi coup. I know what they did in recent years, how they actually fought the war: they intimidated the population. They emptied the apartments to shoot down people, and they stayed in the apartments to shoot. These are neo-Nazi battalions. I went to their former bases, where I saw swastikas, books about the SS, books about Mussolini.”

~ Giorgio Bianchi, journalist, Italy




A rare Voice of Sense from the U.S. Congress


Nazi are getting Ukraine Aid

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene said that aid from the United States would go toward funding "Nazi militias" instead of everyday Ukrainians.

Greene blasted her message worldwide through her Twitter account.
Greene wrote it was "Nazi militias" in Ukraine that were doing the torture, and that a U.S. aid package would be furthering that torture. She called for an end to it.

"We should not spend billions of American's hard earned tax dollars on lethal aid to be given to possible Nazi militias that are torturing innocent people, especially children and women. It's not Pro-Putin to be against this. It's Pro-torture & evil to stay silent/censor it."




Government doesn't dare to tell you the truth.
Retired officials only may dare to tell you the truth.




Former adviser to the former U.S. President Donald Trump shares insights on the root causes of the Russia-Ukraine war 2022

Putin is acting defensively. He’s not acting offensively. But you won’t read that in the mainstream media."

"Ukrainian President Zelensky is undemocratic – he shut down three television stations that were critical of the government."

"Ukraine is not even remotely about what they’re telling us it’s about. The Ukrainians have used their soil to place dual-launch missile pads, missiles that will be aimed at Russia. There are bioweapons labs that are funded by our tax dollars, cooking up who knows what pestilence to dump on the Russian people,

~ Roger Stone, former Trump adviser




Leo Tolstoy quotes

You can love a person dear to you with a human love, but an enemy can only be loved with divine love.

Leo Tolstoy



In Russian, the word 'Мир' (Mir) means
both 'Peace' and 'World'




Denazification of Ukraine

Eastern Ukraine (Donbas, Lugansk) was liberated from nazi by Easter Ukrainian and Russian armies in May 2022




Citizens of Donbas celebrate their liberation from nazi

Russia-Ukaine war victory celebration Donbas May 2022

Russia-Ukaine war victory celebration Mariupol May 2022