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The Alley of Angels

The heartbreaking story of children killed in Donbass by Ukrainian nazi trained and armed by NATO

13 y.o. hero who sacrificed his life trying to save the life of his 9 y.o. sister


The Alley of Angels Donbass Ukraine hearbbreaking story boy sacrificed his life to save the life of his younger sister


Ukrainian Nazi and NATO Azov fascists  

Over 500 children were killed by Ukrainian nazis in the anti-nazi Eastern Ukraine during 2014-2021.

48 anti-nazi activists were burned alive by Ukrainian nazi in Odessa on May 2, 2014.




President of Ukraine on Bombing Anti-Nazi Civilians

"Our children will go to school, while their children will hide in shelters. They will not go to school, they will know nothing. That's how we're going to win."

~ Peter Poroshenko, President of Ukraine during 2014-2019


Collective Hitler

Collective Goebbels

Truth and Lies about Russia-Ukraine War




The Story of the 13 y.o. Hero

In 2014, Kyiv, the capital of Nazi-ruled Ukraine, began killing its anti-Nazi citizens in Southeast Ukraine with all types of weapons.

Food shortages began.

  Civilians killed by Urkainian nazin in Donbass Eastern Ukraine



It happened in the village of Butkevich, Luhansk region. The Ukrainian fascist army, which at that time controlled the city of Debaltseve, shelled the village from its positions with artillery.


Never Elect a Drug-addict Comedian to Rule Your Country




Mom Oksana took her two children and went to get bread, which was handed out at 2 loaves per person.

Her children went with their mother: 13-year-old Kirill and 9-year-old Tanya.

They took the gift bread and went back home.

  The Alley of Angels - memorial statue for children killed in Ukraine, Donetsk brother and sister



Suddenly, the whistle of a flying cluster bomb was heard.

Someone shouted: "Lie down!".

The mother did not have time to lie down, she was immediately thrown a few meters away from the road by the blast wave.

  Bombing of Donbass dead civilians Russia Ukraine war



Thirteen-year-old Kirill pushed Tanya to the ground and fell on top of her, covering her.

All the fragments of the bomb were taken in by the back of the 13-year-old boy. All but one. The body was too thin for the brutal bombs the Ukrainian nazi were supplied by NATO with.

Tanya was wounded by the fragment which passed right through the Kirill's body.

Kirill died on the spot.

  The Alley of Angels Donbass Ukraine hearbbreaking story boy sacrificed his life to save the life of his younger sister



During the funeral, shelling did not stop, so the mother had to bury her son Kirill in a hurry.


Three years later, on June 1, 2017, in the city park The Valley of Angels was launched and a monument devoted to "Children of Donbass" killed be Ukrainian nazi was opened. Kirill became the prototype of the boy who covers his younger sister.


Ukrainian Nazi

'A Fly in the Ointment'

Root Causes of the Russia's Anti-nazi operation in Ukraine

Africa supports Russia





Lord Krishna quotes

If you will not fight this righteous war, then you will fail in your duty, lose your reputation, and incur sin.

Bhagavad Gita



Bhagavad Gita 2022

In February 2022, Russia launched its anti-nazi military campaign in Ukraine.

It was clear that the Ukrainian nazi were just puppets of the Collective Hitler and that Russia would have to fight against over 30+ Collective Hitler countries as well to be lied about by their Collective Guebbels.

Yet, Russia engaged in this historic anti-fascism war because it could not tolerate massacres of children and thousands of anti-nazi civilians by the Ukrainian nazi any longer.

  Zelensky is criminal, Putin is hero

“Ukraine ceased to be democratic in 2014 as a result of the neo-Nazi coup. The European media “cover” the situation in the Donbass.”

~ Giorgio Bianchi, journalist, Italy




The forces of evil have been actively decomposing Ukrainians for the last 30 years.”

~ Asian clairvoyant



Daniel Ortega the Presidnet of Nicaragua quotes

Russia is fighting for peace. Not against the nation, but against the fascists, the Nazis, who carried out a coup in Ukraine.

Daniel Ortega



“Russia's antiterrorist operation in Ukraine is
a war of Christians and Muslims against Satanism.”

~ Ramzan Kadyrov, Head of Chechnya Republic




"It's the West who provoked the war between Russia and Ukraine."

~ Recep Erdogan, President of Turkey