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Russia, Crimea, Ukraine: Historic Facts




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Study history, study history. In history lies all the secrets of statecraft... The farther backward you can look, the father forward you can see.

Winston Churchill



Russia Gave Birth to Ukraine and Expanded It

Russia established Ukraine as a Soviet republic in 1922.

Initially, the territory of Ukraine was small. It didn't include neither Crimea, nor Donbass, nor Lugansk, nor Odessa, nor Kharkiv, nor, Kherson, nor Lviv... All these territories were granted by Russia to Ukraine later.






Crimea became part of Russia in the 18th century.

Such countries as USA, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Czech, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine... didn't exist at that time, yet these "teenagers of transitional age" claim that Crimea belongs to Ukraine. Psychologists say that such categoricalness in adolescents is quite understandable





On Russia's Anti-Nazi Operation in Ukraine

“Someone is fueling the fire of this conflict. In my opinion, the biggest “extortionist” behind the scenes is the United States, and they are also the biggest beneficiary. As long as the Ukrainian conflict continues, it will help the United States in their policy of weakening Russia, controlling Europe and containing China. The conflict will help the U.S. military industry get richer."

~ Fu Cong, China's Permanent Representative to the EU


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