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Russia Anti-Nazi Operation in Ukraine 2022

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France: Guest of Honor from Africa

March 12, 2023. A gathering at the Paris debating club Cercle des Nouveaux Mondes, held in honor of Lionel Zinsou, former Prime Minister of Benin, a graduate of the French Higher School of Political Science, financier and a Rothschild group employee. Gathered were mostly the “fledglings from the Rothschild nest,” bankers, diplomats, and a few acting ministers.

The host addressed the guests with a greeting and, having paid tribute to fashion, dutifully voiced his support for the “unfortunate people of Ukraine.” Then he gave the floor to the guest of honor, the whole event was actually being held for.

And then something went wrong

Lionel Zinsou also mentioned the Ukrainian crisis:

“All we hear now is this crisis, anti-Russian sanctions, oil, gas… Do you understand what this crisis means, for example, for Africa? Russia supplies us with grain and corn. All logistics go through the Black Sea. And the African world froze in horror watching just what was going on. Terrified by the actions of the US and the European Union.

Africans won’t buy your stories about democracy. These are just your fairy tales for internal consumption.

The majority of the African elite was educated in the Soviet Union - doctors, engineers, pilots, teachers, scientists. Russians are the only Europeans who have decolonized Africa. And Africa remembers it. Just as Africa remembers European atrocities.




"Why would any country ever trust the West and it's allies? The list of their lies is long. Africa know where to stand." ~ Elijah L Magnier, famous Twitter blogger


Information Terrorism

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Pope Francis, Vatican on Russia NATO Ukraine war NATO barking at Russia's door provoked Russia's anger.  

In Russian, the word 'Мир' means both 'Peace' and 'World'. Yet...

"NATO barking at Russia's door provoked Russia's anger.”

~ Pope Francis, Vatican



World War III Russia-Ukraine War 2022 role of USA, UK and EU

If you noticed, African countries did not support the UN resolution condemning Russia. And they will never support any resolutions against Russia. It is etched into any African’s mind that Russia is good, no matter what you think about it. Period.


All of Africa is watching the Central African Republic and Mali. What the Europeans had failed to do for decades, the Russians accomplished in a year. In place of the Central African Republic there were gangs, while today there is a real state there.

I know that there are diplomats here, Foreign Ministry employees. I appeal to you, to French diplomacy: look for a solution to your problem as soon as possible, because if the conflict does not end in a month, Africa will break out.

For you energy problems always come first. In the worst case, you will have less heat and fewer cars, while in Africa we will have hunger! Hear me out, the crisis in Africa will mean the destruction of Europe.

Come to your senses, look for diplomatic solutions. And don't forget that countries like India and China support Russia. Africa supports Russia.

I do not want to talk about democracy, and you will not make me, an African, to shed tears over stories about the unfortunate Ukraine and calls for humanity. Your democracy is your business. There is no need to impose on us your ideas about how we, Africans, should live our lives.

Again! Look for compromises, let the diplomats do their job. Time is against us. We have 30 days! Thirty! Not more!"

Stormy applause!




Why Russia launched the anti-terrorist operation in Ukraine


On an average, Western-Ukrainian neo-nazis were killing over 140 people – including 5 kids – in the Eastern Ukraine every month during 2014-2021.

40 persons – anti-nazi activists – were burned alive in Odessa in 2014.


Neo-nazis didn't allow the majority of the Ukraine population to speak their native Russian language.


2.2 million people in Crimea were suffering for years without access to fresh water from Dnepr river that was blocked by Western-Ukrainian neo-nazis.


The President of Ukraine dominated by neo-nazis announced that his country had been going to start producing nuclear weapons.



The Alley of Angels
in Donetsk city

Over 500 children were killed by Western Ukrainian nazis in Donbas, Eastern Ukraine during 2014-2021

The Alley of Angels - memorial statue for children killed in Ukraine, Donetsk brother and sister



Lord Krishna quotes

If you will not fight this righteous war, then you will fail in your duty, lose your reputation, and incur sin.

Lord Krishna




Denazification of Ukraine

Eastern Ukraine (Donbas, Lugansk) was liberated from nazi by Easter Ukrainian and Russian armies in May 2022




Citizens of Donbas celebrate their liberation from nazi

Russia-Ukaine war victory celebration Donbas May 2022

Russia-Ukaine war victory celebration Mariupol May 2022