Truth Bombs


Collective Hitler



Ukrainian Nazi
as Ugly Puppets of NATO




  Ukrainian Nazi and NATO Azov fascists


President of Ukraine on Bombing Anti-Nazi Civilians

"Our children will go to school, while their children will hide in shelters. They will not go to school, they will know nothing. That's how we're going to win."

~ Peter Poroshenko, President of Ukraine during 2014-2019


The Alley of Angels

Heartbreaking Story

Truth and Lies about Russia-Ukraine War




"NATOs logo literally has a Swastika in it.
This is not a coincidence. NATO is the 4th Reich."
"I will never forgive NATO for what they did to Gaddafi."
~ Rev Laskaris, USA


"NATO bombed Libya back to the Stone Age, turning a country that had the highest standard of living in Africa into a war-torn, failed state where people are now being sold in open-air slave markets.
Yet, 0 sanctions were implemented, and 0 ICC arrests warrants were issued."
~ Sarah, Lebanon


NATC North American terroristc organization


"NATO is not a defense alliance, it's a war machine. Ask the people of Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya."
~ Mick Wallace, Member of the European Parliament from Ireland

"NATO is the largest, and most deadly terrorist organization since Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan."
~ Rev Laskaris






Zelensky joke funny NATO puppet