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Financial Terrorism





Hijacking foreign funds kept or invested in a country by its government. Financial blackmailing is also a form financial terrorism.




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The tragedy of Western people is that their top politicians believe that they still rule the World and keep trying to impose their corrupt values on others.





Examples of Financial Terrorism





April 2023: The government of Poland withdrew all the money from the accounts of a foreign embassy and also hijacked the embassy school.


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United States

"In a move that can only be described as brazenly immoral and utterly unconscionable, the Biden administration has begun a process to seize the more than $7bn of assets that the Central Bank of Afghanistan has on deposit at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York."

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"The White House issued an executive order announcing the theft of some $7bn. Shocking, to be sure. But more shocking still was when that same executive order also identified the thief: the White House."

"To take Afghan money to pay grieving Americans in order to punish the Taliban is nothing less than larceny as collective punishment."

~ Why is the White House stealing $7bn from Afghans?, Moustafa Bayoumi, The Guardian, 2022



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In February 2023, the USA court allowed the confiscation of $5.4 million of the Russian businessman Konstantin Malofeyev. "The ruling marked the first forfeiture order aimed at squeezing the finances of Russian President Vladimir Putin's allies."

~ Reiters





June 2023: Finland's new government said it would not give any development aid to poor African countries that support Russia's anti-nazi operation in Ukraine.



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United Kingdom

"London's High Court has rejected President Nicolas Maduro's latest effort to gain control of more than $1 billion of Venezuella's gold reserves stored in the Bank of England's underground vaults in London."

~ Reuters, 2022

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June 2023. According to PM, Canada government decided to confiscate a foreign cargo plane they had chartered to bring medical supplies from China.

"Canada's government announced the start of a process to seize $26 millions in assets from a company owned by sanctioned Russian-Israeli oligarch Abramovich."

~ The Times of Israel, 2022




European Union (EU)

“Of course, our goal is not so much to freeze as to confiscate Russian assets, this is our task.”

~ Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, 2022


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Steal & Blackmail Strategy

Ukrainian nazi have been killing children in the Eastern Ukraine for years. Russia interfered to stop the mass killings. Having frozen US$200 billion belonging to the Russia's Central Bank, the European Commission offered to unfreeze the money if Russia stops saving children from being killed  by Ukrainian nazi.

  The Alley of Angels - memorial statue for children killed in Ukraine, Donetsk brother and sister




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