Kozma Prutkov jokes Russian humor

Even an idiot becomes smarter when he falls in love.

Kozma Prutkov



Kozma Prutkov jokes Russian humor

If you look at the sky, you will see the sky. If you look at a small mirror, you will see yourself only.

Kozma Prutkov



Kozma Prutkov jokes Russian humor

Of all the fruits, the best ones come from good upbringing.

Kozma Prutkov






Kozma Prutkov

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Kozma Prutkov
Kozma Prutkov a collective pseudonym for the group of Russian writers Alexey Tolstoy and Zhemchuzhnikov brothers, who performed jointly in 5060s of the 19th century


Learn during all your life. And then you will have a right to say that you know nothing.

If you want to be happy, be so!

Not every general is born fat.

When you throw pebbles into the water, watch the circles formed by them, otherwise the throwing will be just a wasteful fun.

Every head is like the stomach: some heads digest what's consumed, others get clogged by it.

A philosopher would easily triumph over the future and past sorrows, but he is just as easily defeated by the present ones.

Do not believe your eyes if you see a sign "Buffalo" at a cage of an elephant.

Wisdom reduces complains, not pain.

Shoe polish blackens for good an evil person blackens for pleasure.

Even an oyster has enemies!

Do not cut everything that grows.

The first step of a newborn baby is the first step to death.

Do not be afraid of the enemy: your most dangerous enemy is yourself.

Every thing is a manifestation of infinite diversity.

Many things are incomprehensible to us not because our comprehension is weak, but because those things are beyond our comprehension.

Having lied once, who will believe you?

Where is the beginning of the end that comes at the end of the beginning?