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People in Crimea celebrate reunification with Russia ● March 2014

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Crimea referendum 2014: Ukraine or Russia

Referendum in Crimea, 2014

Yes, the opinion of a dozen of top foreign politicians
about how people in Crimea should live their life is important.

Yet, the opinion of 2 million Crimeans about how they want to live their own life is far more important

History of Crimea



Part of

Part of Ukraine

97% of Crimeans chose to return home


Heroic People

During the World War II, Crimeans fought against fascist invaders heroically. Crimeans living today are proud to be descendants of those heroes.

How Crimea Become a Part of Ukraine

in 1954, Nikita Khrushchev, the then communist leader of USSR transferred Crimean to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic within the Soviet Union. So Crimeans still lived in their home country. But in 1991, when USSR disintegrated,  Crimeans lost their homeland.

Deep Crisis

What would you say if the government wouldn't allow you speak your native language and force you to give your children foreign names you don't like?

These are just some of huge problems Crimeans faced while they were a part of Ukraine.

The Last Drop and ‒ FREEDOM!

In 2014, about 50,000 U.S.-funded nationalists in Kiev overthrew the government of Ukraine. The new self-proclaimed nationalist government was fast to impose new nationalistic rules. For instance , they declared fascist Stephan Bandera a national hero and forced all Ukrainians to celebrate his birthday.

How could proud descendants of World War heroes tolerate such sacrilege? Crimean people didn't recognize the self-proclaimed Ukrainian nationalistic government. They hold a referendum. Over 83% of voters participated in the referendum. About 97% of them said they didn't want to be a part of Ukraine any longer and want to go back home, to Russia.

Make a Difference!     4 WHYs of True Success


Reaction of Sanction-addict Western Politicians

A handful of U.S. and EU sanction-addict politicians pressed on 2 million of  Crimeans:

"You have no right to be free and heroic!
You must go to back to the deprived state and celebrate birthdays of fascists!"

Why do they say so?

Well, this a very predictable reaction of dark forces.

Faina Ranevskaya warned:

Success is the only unforgivable sin against your neighbor.

And Leo Tolstoy, a World's wisest man, said:

Government is an association of men
who do violence to the rest of us

So, what else can we expect from U.S. and NATO dictators who authorized massacres of million of civilians - babies, kids, teens, women, old people - in Vietnam, Serbia, Libya, Iran, Afghanistan and many other countries?   More details





Передача Донбасса Украине

1918: Russia transferred Donbass to Ulraine


1922: Ukraine joined USSR
Крымская республика 1921 с правом выхода из РСФСР
1922 - Крыиская АССР стала учредителем создания РСФСР
1954 г. - передача Крыма Украине неправомочна без 3х референдумов Рос Крым Укр
Граждане Крыма никогда от гражданства РСФСР не отказывались

August 1990
Crimea was restored as an independend republic within USSR - with the right to become an independent country if its citizens decide so.

24 August 1991 - Declaration of Independence
Ukraine formed as a country, cancelled the USSR constitution - the only legal document that declared transfer of Crimea from Russia to Ukraine.
Thus the Government of Ukraine denounced transfer of Crimea from Russia to Ukraine

4 September 1991 (Ukraine is not formed as a full-fledged country yet - no Constitution, no laws)
Supreme Council of Crimea declared Crimea an independent country.

12 September 1991
Ukraine reactivated its Constitution and annexed Crimea, i.e. absorbed it without consent of its Government and citizens.

December 1991
Ukranian pariament addressed World's pariaments and people to declare that it considered the USSR Formation Treaty signed in 1922 not just deactivated, but also invalid.
This means the Ukranian Parliament treats as invalid all USSR governing laws, including transfer of Donbass in 1926 and Crimea in 1954 from Russia to Ukraine.

16 March 2014 - referendum
was not acgtually required because - by law - Crimea had never existed being a part of Russia

April 2017
Правительство Украины одобрило инициативу об отмене всех законов СССР
Кабинет министров Украины одобрил законопроект, которым предлагается прекратить действие всех нормативно-правовых актов, принятых в советский период, сообщает ТАСС.

Проект закона о признании утратившими силу актов органов госвласти и управления УССР и СССР презентовал глава Минюста Украины Павел Петренко, выступая на коллегии правительства. По его словам, документ разработали по поручению премьер-министра, планируется, что Верховная Рада проголосует за него уже в мае.




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