Alexander Pushkin quotes the greaest Russian poet

Alexander Pushkin


Pushkin (1799-1837) is considered to be the greatest Russian poet and the founder of modern Russian literature.



To love all ages yield surrender;
But to the young itís raptures bring
A blessing bountiful and tender Ė
As storms refresh the fields of spring.

It is better to have dreamed a thousand dreams that never were than never to have dreamed at all.

A deception that elevates us is dearer than a host of low truths.

Itís a lucky man, a very lucky man, who is committed to what he believes, who has stifled intellectual detachment and can relax in the luxury of his emotions Ė like a tipsy traveler resting for the night at wayside inn.

Somewhere between obsession and compulsion is impulse.

Ballet is a dance executed by the human soul.

Fearing no insult, asking for no crown, receive with indifference both flattery and slander, and do not argue with a fool.

Donít be sad, donít be angry, if life deceives you! Submit to your grief Ė your time for joy will come, believe me.
If you but knew the flames that burn in me which I attempt to beat down with my reason.

My whole life has been pledged to this meeting with you...
I want to understand you, I study your obscure language.

Unrequited love is not an affront to man but raises him.
With womankind, the less we love them, the easier they become to charm.

Iíve lived to bury my desires,
And see my dreams corrode with rust;
Now all thatís left are fruitless fires
That burn my empty heart to dust.

Ecstasy is a glass full of tea and a piece of sugar in the mouth.
Please, never despise the translator. Heís the mailman of human civilization.
As long as there is one heart on Earth where I still live, my memory will not die.

Try to be forgotten. Go live in the country. Stay in mourning for two years, then remarry, but choose somebody decent.
Moral maxims are surprisingly useful on occasions when we can invent little else to justify our actions.

In this age of infamy, man's choice is but to be a tyrant, traitor, prisoner: No other choice has he.

Young man! If my notes should fall into your hands, remember that the best and most enduring changes are those which stem from an improvement in moral behaviour, without any violent upheaval.

Weíve got to have forbidden fruit,
Or Edenís joys for us are moot.

To ďseek inspirationĒ has always seemed to me a ridiculous and absurd fancy: inspiration cannot be sought out; it must find the poet.

Light-minded society mercilessly persecutes in reality what it allows in theory.


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Alexander Pushkin quotes the greaest Russian poet

The Genius is a friend of The Paradox.

Alexander Pushkin


Alexander Pushkin quotes the greaest Russian poet

A deception that elevates us
is dearer than a host of low truths.

Alexander Pushkin






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