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The New Man

The Conscious Individual


The Last Testament, Vol. 5, Talk #27

The new man accepts the whole man. It does not divide. It teaches an organic unity. Its fundamental philosophy is that you are one whole, not body and soul, not this world and that world. Your body is only the visible part of your soul. Your soul is only the invisible part of your body. This world contains that world within it. Just you have to go deep into it. In each experience, if you are intense and total, you will find within this world that world too. This contains that. They are not separate. There is no guilt, there is no sin. Yes, you can commit mistakes, which is absolutely human. And you commit mistakes because you are not aware.


I say to you, you are allowed to commit mistakes, but don't repeat the same mistake again and again. That means unawareness. When you commit a mistake for the first time, it is perfectly okay, because you have never committed it before, so how you can be aware of it. So it is a good learning. Learn something out of the mistake. And be aware that it is not repeated. So commit as many mistakes as you can. But they have to be always new, so you go on learning and you go on growing in awareness.

So all the rituals of religions, and all their prayers and all their mantras and chantings, are reduced to a simple method: awareness. All their sins are reduced only to mistakes. The original meaning of the word sin is good. It means forgetfulness. So don't commit the same mistake again, otherwise it becomes a sin; it becomes a forgetfulness. But I would not like to use the word sin, because it has become so much associated with guilt, and guilt is the heaviest load on humanity. To take it away, we can make people so light that they can almost fly >>>

The new man will not have any guilt. The new man will not have any split. The new man will have only one religion; that is awareness. The new man will have only one world, this world. Because that world is hidden behind it. This world is like a circumference, and that world is the center. And I call the whole man the holy man; then he becomes Zorba the Buddha.

Then the whole life, with its whole spectrum, all the colors of the rainbow, you can live without any fear, without any guilt. You can dance like a Zorba, you can meditate like a Buddha, and I don't see there is any contradiction. In fact, if you have danced totally, deeply, so deeply that the dancer disappears in the dance, that is the time to start meditation.


And when you have meditated, and you are full of silence and peace and blissfulness, so much so that not that you are blissfulness, but you can bless the whole world, that is the moment to dance. Your dance then will be a showering of blessings to the whole world. I don't see any contradiction. That's why I say, drop the old completely. It was sick, it was schizophrenic. And let us have a new man; organic, healthy, whole. And with the new man comes a new world into existence, which will not be divided by politics into nations; which will not be divided by religions into different sections, fighting, murdering, killing, burning living people.

We can make this earth a paradise, if we are together. If there are no nations and no churches, no religions, nothing dividing man from man. Then we will have so much energy available which is being involved into wars, into fighting, into organizing; that this whole earth can blossom into new flowers of consciousness.