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Excerpted from:
Sustainable Technology in Action: How Leaders Can Achieve ESG Outcomes





According to Gartner, sustainable technology is not just a single solution or product, but a framework of digital solutions that can enable environmental, social, and governance (ESG) outcomes across the entire organization.

This framework encompasses three key areas: internal IT operations, enterprise operations, and customer operations.




By leveraging sustainable technology in these areas, organizations can reduce their environmental impact, improve their social responsibility, and drive innovation and business growth.


Circular Economy

Circular Business Models




What is Sustainable Technology?

When we talk about sustainable technology, we’re referring to two main types:

① Technology that addresses sustainability and environmental issues directly.

② Technology that has been created with a focus on sustainability.




Sustainable technology, also known as green tech or clean tech, refers to any technology that can be used to minimize the negative impact of human activity on the environment and promote sustainable practices.


Sustainable Development

Green Entrepreneurship




Sustainable technology can come in many forms, including renewable energy solutions, energy-efficient equipment, and sustainable transportation options.

Sustainable tech can also include green building design, sustainable packaging options, water conservation technologies, and sustainable farming technologies like hydroponics and precision agriculture.



JD Meier Innovation Guru USA

We must broaden our thinking and leverage technology to enable a wide range of sustainable outcomes.

JD Meier



In addition to reducing the environmental impact of human activity, sustainable tech can also help organizations save money, improve efficiency, and create new business opportunities.

Many organizations are increasingly focused on incorporating sustainable tech into their operations to support their sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint.


Sustainable Business

Green Business


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