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You Are the "Love and Happiness" Itself

Vitaly Geyman

Author of the book Wealth Secrets Of The Ancients and an internationally published fine art photographer.

Goodwill Ambassador of  the Innompic Web Games


Over the last month i have created for myself a full time spiritual sabbatical in my own home:) I have been meditating a lot, reading of wisdom of ancient masters, and updating myself on the latest discoveries in neuropsychology, quantum physics etc. My aim is to go deeper into "what makes us happy". Not the superficial, momentary happiness that dissipates as soon as we achieved the next goal or possession but "Lasting Happiness" that sustains itself even in the most difficult times.

I am sure you heard the expression "Happiness Is An Inside Job". Well little did I know the true meaning of this before I started on this journey 20 years ago.

What I discovered even in this 30 day sabbatical that before we can truly address this topic of happiness we need to answer or at least attempt to answer this question: Who or What am I, at the very core?

Am I just a collection of atoms, put together through evolution?

Is there anything more then just my personal identity and all the labels I have put on myself?

It seems both science and ancient wisdom keeps pointing to the fact that only when we let go of our attachment to the personal identity (ego) can we truly be happy. Ego has its place in daily life but it is a task master that is never satisfied. Not an easy thing to do, to let go of ego... But when we do, we inevitably uncover true love and intimacy with everything we come in contact, including the people we work with and the work itself. But most importantly we realize who we truly are − the "Love and Happiness" itself.

It is really hilarious that most of us search for happiness through others (relationships), work, possessions, status, security etc... undergoing so much suffering in the course of it. But yet it is not there. It is our own true self.



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